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Tabulify - Configuration File


A configuration file is a file that stores configurations in a yaml format.

Location and specification


The location of the default configuration file can be queried via the list command

tabli conf list *user.conf*
type       key                       value                                 
--------   -----------------------   -----------------------------------   
Internal   user.configuration_file   C:\Users\gerardnico\.tabli\conf.yml


In a project, the configuration file is expected to be located below the project home at:

  • Windows
  • Linux / Mac

Command Line

You can specify a configuration file at the command line via the --conf global option.

Order of Precedence

The same configuration can be found in multiple configuration file, we are taking the configuration with the higher priority.

Configuration Priority In Descendent Order:

  • Command Line Configuration file
  • Project Configuration File
  • Default Configuration File



You can add, remove and list a configuration file via the following command:

The file edited is the file given with the --conf option or the default file.


You can also edit the file manually. If you want to encrypt manually, see vault encrypt

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