What is the smtp Connection ?


smtp is the default connection of a SMTP server (Simple Mail) that is used by the sendmail operation.


It defaults to the local smtp server as you can see with the tabli connection list.

tabli connection list smtp
Name    Uri                                                            
-----   ------------------------------------------------------------   
email   smtp://localhost:25?from=gerardnico%2540host.docker.internal

You can modify the parameters by setting the following environment variable on your operating system.

Name Default Description
SMTP_HOST localhost the smtp host server
SMTP_PORT 25 the smtp port
SMTP_FROM user@fqdn the default from address if none is provided
SMTP_FROM_NAME user@fqdn the default name from address if none is provided
SMTP_TO the default to address if none is provided
SMTP_TO_NAMES the default names to address if none is provided
SMTP_TLS false enable secured communication with TLS
SMTP_USER the connection user
SMTP_PWD the connection password
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