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HowTo Connection


howto is a local file system connection that points to a directory where all files used in the howto's are stored.


How to know the files location ?

With the tabli connection info command

tabli connection info howto
Information about the connection (howto)
Attribute              Value                                                  Description                                                            
--------------------   ----------------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------------------------   
MaxConcurrentThread    1                                                      The maximum number of threads that can be created against the system   
MaxNameInPath          2147483647                                             The maximum number of names in a path                                  
Name                   howto                                                  The name of the connection                                             
TabBooleanDataType     Native                                                 Boolean data type used to store boolean values                         
TabDateDataType        Native                                                 Date data type used to store date values                               
TabTimeDataType        Native                                                 Time format data type to store time values                             
TabTimestampDataType   Native                                                 Timestamp data type used to store timestamp values                     
Url                    file:///D:/code/bytle-mono/db-website/src/doc/howto/   The url of the connection
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