Declarative Data Processing Tools
For Highly Efficient
Data Professionals

Tabulify is a declarative data processing platform

that empowers
SQL and declarative scripting
to make
data processing application
quick, tested, automated
and fun

Automate, Test and Deploy your scripts with ease

  • No need to code, just plain SQL.
  • Load files where you want

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A common data vocabulary

Data stays data and with Tabulify, they share a common data vocabulary.

  • You may want to drop a table
  • You may want to remove a file

With Tabulify, you will just drop it.

Data Operations

Built-in Benchmark

Do you want to known if your index, your new model or your new database will impact your performance.

Tabulify ships built-in with a benchmark tool.


Data Generator included

Every data project needs data to start. Unfortunately, due to privacy law, (CPRA, CCPA, GDPR) and procedures, it is difficult to get them.

The answer:
Generates your data and starts your project right-away.

Data Generator

Allow interactive programming

SQL is paradigm that allows for quick development based on quick iteration. beter known as the read-eval-print loop

We like to call it: the Write, Execute, Improve, Repeat cycle.

Tabulify embraces it and does not force you to visually create flows that made your wrist cry.

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