Data Operations

Undraw Data Processing


The data operation are all functions, operations, actions that you can perform on a data resources. They are the basic block of all data processing.

This section lists all data operations supported.

Because all data structure are represented logically as a data resource (file, table, …), they all share the same common data vocabulary.


Data Operations Synonym Description
copy Create a copy of a resource on data and metadata level
insert append Add data into a resource
list List data resources
truncate Delete the data, preserve the metadata
move rename Move or rename a data resource
delete Delete data from a data resource
drop remove Remove the data and metadata of a data resource
upsert Insert otherwise update the data of a data resource
update Update data of a resource
query select Execute a query and returns a data resource
transfer load, upload, download Move data resource from one system to another
fill generate Generate data for a resource
print tail, head Print the data of a resource
compare diff Compare two data resources
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