Data Operation - Select (Selection)

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select is a data operation that selects data Resources.

This is not the select sql statement. The select sql statement selects records while the select operation selects Data Resources.

See the following learning guide page, to known more: Learning Tabulify - Step 4 - How to select Data Resources


The select operations has the following arguments.

Argument Default Description
data selector - It will select data resources by name
the with-dependencies option false If set to true, the dependencies will be added
strict false If set to true, the select operation will throw an error if the selection does not return any data resource
type Optional, detected by default The media type of the selected resources
logical-name Optional A template logical name
Data Definition
data-definition Optional A inline data definition
attributes a map of key value The attributes of the data path


In a pipeline pipeline, this is a first operation (known as the supplier operation) because it supplies data resources to the others operations in the pipeline.


  • Simple selection:
  - name: 'Select data resources'
    operation: select
      data-selector: pattern@connection
      with-dependency: (yes|no)
      strict: yes

In a tabli data command, you set :


tabli data command [--not-strict] [--with-dependency] dataSelector

Note on Empty Selection

If no data resource matched the data selector, this is not considered an error. This is already the case for all sql statement (ie an update that does not match a row does not return an error)

If you want to throw an error, you should set the strict option to true.

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