Data Resource - Type Attribute

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Data Resource - Type Attribute


type is a data resource attribute that defines at a high-level, the structure of the data resource.

We follow the media type convention.


With the print, head and tail data command, you can specify the type (ie media type with the --type option.

This is handy when you want to see the first lines of a document such as json or xml because by default, Tabulify treats one document as one line.


tabli data head --type text xml/[email protected]


With the tabli data info command, we can see that a csv file has the type text/csv.

tabli data info [email protected]
Information about the data resource ([email protected])
------------   ----------------------------------------------------------
AbsolutePath   D:\code\bytle-mono\db-website\src\doc\howto\characters.csv
Characterset   ISO-8859-2
Connection     howto
Count          4
DataUri        [email protected]
LogicalName    characters
Name           characters.csv
Path           characters.csv
Size           346
Type           text/csv

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