Data Resource - Path attribute

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path is a string that locates uniquely a resource inside a connection.

Data Uri

It's the first element of a data uri.


How to see the path

You can see the pat value via the data resource attribute.

The file query_11.sql file in the tpcds-query file connection has a path value of sqlite/query_11.sql

With the data info command

tabli data info sqlite/query_11.sql@tpcds_query
Information about the data resource (sqlite\query_11.sql@tpcds_query)
------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------
AbsolutePath   D:\code\bytle-mono\db-jdbc\src\main\sql\tpcds\sqlite\query_11.sql
Characterset   ISO-8859-1
Connection     tpcds_query
Count          81
DataUri        sqlite\query_11.sql@tpcds_query
LogicalName    query_11
Name           query_11.sql
Path           sqlite\query_11.sql
Size           2900
Type           text/plain

In a file system, it would show the relative path of the data resource in a connection.

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