Data Resource - Xml File

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An xml is a text file that shows an XML format.

XML files can be loaded into a database for further processing.



Because a xml file is a text file, you can also set text attributes


You can create XML file with the templating module.


Tabulify supports the loading of XML file into a database. See HowTo - How to load XML files into a database with Tabulify

How to see the first lines

By default, Tabulify treats one XML document as one record (line). By printing it, you would see then always the whole document.

If you want to see the first text lines of a document, you need to set the type to text.


tabli data head --type text xml/relation.xml@howto
The first 10 rows of the data resource (xml\relation.xml@howto): 
<?xml version="1.0"?>                                                               
<api batchcomplete="">                                                              
      <n from="Relation_(database)" to="Relation (database)"/>                      
      <page _idx="23720058" pageid="23720058" ns="0" title="Relation (database)">   
          <cl ns="14" title="Category:Articles with example SQL code"/>

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