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Data Resource - Data URI


A Data URI or Data Uniform Resource Identifier is data resource attribute that identify uniquely a data resource.

It's a syntax that extends the notion of URI

If you use it as data selector, you would select only one data resource.


Content / Container


For a script data resource

(/[email protected])@connection




As a data uri is a data resource attribute, you can see it with the data info command

tabli data info [email protected]
Information about the data resource ([email protected])
ATTRIBUTE      VALUE                                                        
------------   ----------------------------------------------------------   
AbsolutePath   D:\code\bytle-mono\db-website\src\doc\howto\characters.csv   
Characterset   ISO-8859-2                                                   
Connection     howto                                                        
Count          4                                                            
DataUri        [email protected]                                         
LogicalName    characters                                                   
Name           characters.csv                                               
Path           characters.csv                                               
Size           346                                                          
Type           text/csv
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