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A data resource generator is a content data resource that generates data.


A generator is a yaml file terminated by the suffix –datagen.yml that follows the data definition file syntax.

It adds:

MaxRecordCount: 30
  - name: columnName
    comment: A column with a sequence integer generator and its properties
    DataGenerator: # the data generator node definition for a column
      type: sequence
      start: 3
      step: 2
      maxTick: 5
  - name: columnName2

See the column generator page to see all type of generations that you can choose for a column.



maxRecordCount is an attribute that defines the maximum number of record generated


The count attribute is calculated and define how many record a generator would generate.

You can see it with the data info command.

Example with a sequence generator, you would get the maximum value. For an integer, this is 2147483647

tabli data info  generator_count--datagen.yml@howto
Information about the data resource (generator_count--datagen.yml@howto)
------------   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
AbsolutePath   D:\code\bytle-mono\db-website\src\doc\howto\generator_count--datagen.yml
Characterset   ISO-8859-1
Connection     howto
Count          2147483647
DataUri        generator_count--datagen.yml@howto
LogicalName    generator_count
Name           generator_count--datagen.yml
Path           generator_count--datagen.yml
Size           227
Type           datagen

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