How to generate a sequence based on provided values


This how-to shows you how to generate a sequence based on provided values with the column sequence generator.

This page demonstrate the values and reset property of the column sequence generator.

The sequence will be created with a list of colors.


Creation of the generator file

To generate data, you need to create a generator file that will describe the data to be generated.

The below data resource generator:

  • has the name sequence_color–datagen.yml
  • has the logical name sequence_color
  • will generate 10 values (MaxRecordCount count)
  • has a column named id that has sequence data generator that:
    • starts by default at the value 1
    • increments by default with the value 1
  • has a column named seq_color with the varchar data type (default) that has sequence data generator that:
    • will reset (restart from the first value when the last is reached)
    • will return the color values provided in the values property.
MaxRecordCount: 10
  - name: id
    type: integer
    comment: A id column to see easily the number of values generated
      type: sequence
  - name: seq_color
    type: varchar
    comment: A column with a color sequence date generator
      type: sequence
      # when the last color has been given (black), restart from the first element (blue)
      reset: true
      # the list of values returned in sequence
        - blue
        - red
        - green
        - cyan
        - magenta
        - yellow
        - black

Printing the data

With the data print command, we can print the values generated.

tabli data print sequence_color--datagen.yml@howto

howto is the connection that contains the files used in the HowTo's.

id   seq_color
--   ---------
 1   blue
 2   red
 3   green
 4   cyan
 5   magenta
 6   yellow
 7   black
 8   blue
 9   red
10   green


Because a generator is just a data resource, you can use it in every data operation.

How to use a generator in a data operation

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