Difficulty analyzing your data with all your tools?
Move data around with just SQL

Data processing and wrangling platform
that helps data teams and professionals
to build qualitative and collaborative
data application
with a declarative and interactive SQL workflow.

Batch Source Processing

Tabulify is the first data processing platform that introduces batch source processing where all operations can select and process multiple sources at once.

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A common data vocabulary

Data stays data and with Tabulify, they share a common data vocabulary.

  • You may want to drop a table
  • You may want to remove a file
  • You may want to delete a file

With Tabulify, you will just drop it.


Automate, Test, and Deploy your scripts with ease

  • No need to code, just plain SQL.
  • Load files where you want

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Built-in Benchmark

Do you want to know if your index, your new model or your new database will impact your performance.

Tabulify ships built-in with a benchmark tool.


Data Generator included

Every data project needs data to start. Unfortunately, due to privacy law, (CPRA, CCPA, GDPR) and procedures, it is difficult to get them.

The answer:
Generates your data and starts your project right-away.

Data Generator

Allow interactive programming

SQL is a paradigm that allows for quick development based on quick iteration. better known as the read-eval-print loop

We like to call it: the Write, Execute, Improve, Repeat cycle.

Tabulify embraces it and does not force you to visually create flows that made your wrist cry.

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Task Runner