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A sequence generator is a column data generator that generates a sequence

  • 1,2,3, …
  • a, b, c, …
  • 2011-11-10, 2011-11-09, …
  • blue, red, …




When a tick happens the sequence is going to the next element (ie a new element is generated or given).

By default, a tick happens for each new record but with the property tickedFor, you can choose to tick a column when another column has reached the end of its sequence.

This is used mostly to create odometer data when you have multiple columns in a unique constraint.


Key Default Value Description Related HowTo
step See data type The value of the next step in the sequence number sequence
start See data type The start value in the sequence number sequence
offset See data type An offset value added to the start value (Used generally with the time data type to have an offset from now) time sequence
maxTick 0 The maximum number of times a new value is generated. When the max is reached, the sequence starts over number sequence
tickerFor None Used to tick another sequence generator when the value is the last in the sequence odometer
values None A serie of values that define the sequence color
reset False
except when tickerFor is set
Restart from the first element when the sequence reaches the last element color

Data Type

The below data type are supported:

Data Type Default Step Value Step Unit Default Start Value Offset Related How to
Integer 1 Integer 1 0 Number Howto
Float 1.0 Float 1.0 0 Number Howto
Double 1.0 Double 1.0 0 Number Howto
Numeric 1.0 Numeric (Rounding Half Down) 1.0 0 Number Howto
Decimal 1.0 Decimal (Rounding Half Down) 1.0 0 Number Howto
Date -1 Day Today -1 for negative step
0 for positive step
Time Howto
Timestamp -10000 Milli-second Now -1 for negative step
0 for positive step
Time Howto
Varchar 1 Letter a 0 Text Howto

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