Histogram Generator

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Histogram Generator


A histogram generator is a column data generator that generates a value according to its chance factor.

This generator is used to generate data that follows a probability distribution where the factor is the probability for the value.



This generator has only one property that defines the histogram namely, the buckets.

A bucket is a value and its chance factor

Example if you want to simulate that people may work the week-end once every 10 weeks, you will define this bucket list

   Monday: 10
   Tuesday: 10
   Wednesday: 10
   Thursday: 10
   Friday: 10
   Saturday: 1
   Sunday: 1

Data Type

The below data type are supported:

  • Integer
  • Float / Double / Real
  • Numeric / Decimal
  • Date
  • Timestamp
  • Time
  • Char / Varchar

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