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A data selector is a data uri expression that permits to select:

If you are new to the concept of data selector, we encourage you to take a look at this page: Learning Tabulify - Step 4 - How to select Data Resources


This syntax select data resources listed in the connection



You can reference each wildcard character in a target data uri to define the target resources.

File System

For a file system, the following special character are supported in the path:

  • / for the separator
  • . to design the current working directory
  • .. to design the parent directory of the current working directory


  • Absolute
# Linux
/globPatternForDirectory/[email protected]
# Windows
C:\globPatternForDirectory\[email protected]
  • Relative
# Linux (and Windows)
../globPatternForDirectory/[email protected]
# Windows form works also but is not recommended
..\globPatternForDirectory\[email protected]

Sql Database

For a sql database, the following characters are supported in the path:

  • ., for the path name separator
  • / to design the current schema
  • // to design the parent (schema, catalog)
# an sql object pattern
[catalogueGlobPattern][.schemaNamePattern.][email protected]
# a sql schema pattern
# a sql catalog pattern


For a web system, Tabulify supports passing directly an URI/URL as a data selector.

Only in bash based terminal, see why

tabli data info ""
Information about the data resource ([email protected]
attribute         value
---------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Characterset      ISO-8859-1
Count             1
DataUri [email protected]
LogicalName       api
Md5               b61936451e935f25c7683ede9b26801b
Name              api.php
Parent            w
Sha384            a27590cd933c93a9fd7dda31e0d20d5fab3ee0b952f6382c4d615d732df64347523e5368d007c6d4076a3d494b050acf
Sha384Integrity   sha384-onWQzZM8k6n9fdox4NINX6s+4LlS9jgsTWFdcy32Q0dSPlNo0AfG1AdqPUlLBQrP
Size              -1
Type              application/xml

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