How to execute and shows the result of a SQL Query

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Tpcds offers 100 queries. We will load the tpcds data and execute the query number 11.


Query file location

The file containing this query is located below the tpcds-query connection.

To get the absolute path and other information, you can use the data info. Example:

tabli data info sqlite/query_11.sql@tpcds_query
Information about the data resource (sqlite\query_11.sql@tpcds_query)
------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------
AbsolutePath   D:\code\bytle-mono\db-jdbc\src\main\sql\tpcds\sqlite\query_11.sql
Characterset   ISO-8859-1
Connection     tpcds_query
Count          81
DataUri        sqlite\query_11.sql@tpcds_query
LogicalName    query_11
Name           query_11.sql
Path           sqlite\query_11.sql
Size           2900
Type           text/plain

This query shows customers that have generated growing sales from one year to another in the s and w sales type. Below is an excerpt.

tabli data head --limit 20 sqlite/query_11.sql@tpcds_query
The first 20 rows of the data resource (sqlite\query_11.sql@tpcds_query):

with year_total as (
 select c_customer_id customer_id
       ,c_first_name customer_first_name
       ,c_last_name customer_last_name
       ,c_preferred_cust_flag customer_preferred_cust_flag
       ,c_birth_country customer_birth_country
       ,c_login customer_login
       ,c_email_address customer_email_address
       ,d_year dyear
       ,sum(ss_ext_list_price-ss_ext_discount_amt) year_total
       ,'s' sale_type
 from customer
 where c_customer_sk = ss_customer_sk
   and ss_sold_date_sk = d_date_sk
 group by c_customer_id

Loading the sales data

To prevent any conflict, you can execute the below command to drop all tables from the sqlite howto connection

tabli data drop *@sqlite

Loading the data with the transfer command. The query_11 is a sales query, we are then loading the sales data and their dependencies

tabli data transfer --with-dependencies *sales@tpcds @sqlite


  • *sales@tpcds is a data selector that:
    • selects all tables that finish with the word sales (ie *sales)
    • in the TPC-DS connection (ie tpcds)
  • --with-dependencies add the dependencies of the selection.
  • @sqlite defines the target connection (the sqlite howto connection)
Source                         Target                          Latency (ms)   Row Count   Error   Message
----------------------------   -----------------------------   ------------   ---------   -----   -------
call_center@tpcds              call_center@sqlite              27             2
catalog_page@tpcds             catalog_page@sqlite             257            11718
catalog_sales@tpcds            catalog_sales@sqlite            6528           89807
customer@tpcds                 customer@sqlite                 93             1000
customer_address@tpcds         customer_address@sqlite         64             1000
customer_demographics@tpcds    customer_demographics@sqlite    17941          1920800
date_dim@tpcds                 date_dim@sqlite                 4154           73049
household_demographics@tpcds   household_demographics@sqlite   68             7200
income_band@tpcds              income_band@sqlite              24             20
item@tpcds                     item@sqlite                     382            2000
promotion@tpcds                promotion@sqlite                26             3
ship_mode@tpcds                ship_mode@sqlite                24             20
store@tpcds                    store@sqlite                    27             2
store_sales@tpcds              store_sales@sqlite              5914           120527
time_dim@tpcds                 time_dim@sqlite                 1076           86400
warehouse@tpcds                warehouse@sqlite                95             1
web_page@tpcds                 web_page@sqlite                 35             2
web_sales@tpcds                web_sales@sqlite                896            11876
web_site@tpcds                 web_site@sqlite                 73             2

Executing the query

A query is selected via a script selector where:

  • the first part is a data selector that locates one or more files that contains the query
  • and the second part is the connection where the query should run.

In the below script selector


  • sqlite/query_11.sql@tpcds_query is a data selector that select the file query_11.sql in the sub-directory sqlite of the tpcds-queries connection.
  • sqlite is the connection where the query is executed.

A query data uri can be used with all command.

Example with the data print command.

tabli data print (sqlite/query_11.sql@tpcds_query)@sqlite
customer_id        customer_first_name   customer_last_name   customer_email_address
----------------   -------------------   ------------------   ----------------------------------
AAAAAAAABMDAAAAA   Jose                  Guzman               [email protected]
AAAAAAAAFLAAAAAA   Joseph                Riley                [email protected]
AAAAAAAAJGBAAAAA   Bonnie                Harrison             [email protected]
AAAAAAAAKMDAAAAA   Alexander             White                [email protected]
AAAAAAAAOFCAAAAA   Timothy               Grogan               [email protected]

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