Tpcds_query Connection


tpcds_query is a local file system connection that points to the directory where the queries of the TPC-DS benchmark.

It's one of the howto's connections created at the installation of Tabulify.


This directory is a sub-directory of the installation directory.

With the connection info command:

tabli connection info tpcds_query
Information about the connection (tpcds_query)
Attribute              Value                                                    Description
--------------------   ------------------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------------------------
MaxConcurrentThread    1                                                        The maximum number of threads that can be created against the system
MaxNameInPath          2147483647                                               The maximum number of names in a path
Name                   tpcds_query                                              The name of the connection
TabBooleanDataType     Native                                                   Boolean data type used to store boolean values
TabDateDataType        Native                                                   Date data type used to store date values
TabTimeDataType        Native                                                   Time format data type to store time values
TabTimestampDataType   Native                                                   Timestamp data type used to store timestamp values
Url                    file:///D:/code/bytle-mono/db-jdbc/src/main/sql/tpcds/   The url of the connection

Directory Structure

With the data list command, we can see that the queries are categorized by database

tabli data list -a count *@tpcds_query

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