Local File System

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The local file system is the file system of the operation system where Tabulify is installed.

This is the file system:

  • of your computer
  • or/of the Tabulify server

depending on where the Tabulify is running.

Built-in Connection

Tabulify comes with the below built-in connection to the local file system:

  • cd - the current directory
  • temp - the temporary directory
  • desktop - the user desktop directory of the local file system
  • home - the user home directory of the local file system
  • sd - the script directory actually running
  • project - the project directory


To create a local file connection, you can use one of the following URL:

  • the local file URL to define a absolute path
  • a data uri to define a relative path

Local file URI



  • the path should be absolute. It should start with:
    • / for linux
    • /C://, /D://, .. for windows


  • Windows
  • Linux

You can't defined a relative path. You cannot used as start character:

  • . for the working directory
  • and .. for the parent

You need to use the data uri syntax to define a relative path

Data Uri

To define a relative path, you can use a data uri with a built-in local data connection

Example: to target the build directory inside the project home connection directory

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