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Tabulify supports the sqlite relational database as a system

If you don't have any knowledge of Tabulify, you can start with the Learning Guide, otherwise you can also browser the relational database Howto's


To create a Sqlite connection, you have the following possibilities

In a Connection Vault, to define a sqlite connection with the name mySqlite, you would write:
  • On Linux
url = jdbc\:sqlite\:////home/leo/work/mydatabase.db
driver = org.sqlite.JDBC
  • On Windows
url = jdbc\:sqlite\:///C\:/Users/user/AppData/Local/tabulify/sqlite.db
driver = org.sqlite.JDBC
With the tabli add command of the connection module, adding a Sqlite connection with the name sqliteConnectionName:
  • On Windows
tabli connection add "sqliteConnectionName" "jdbc:sqlite:C:/work/mydatabase.db"
  • On Linux
tabli connection add "sqliteConnectionName" "jdbc:sqlite:/home/leo/work/mydatabase.db"

Data Type

Sqlite does not support natively the following data types.

Tabulify supports them with an added layer of functionalities and you can read on this pages how they are managed by Tabulify:


The driver used is the Xerial one

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