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Oracle Database


Tabulify supports the sqlite relational database as a system

If you don't have any knowledge of Tabulify, you can start with the Learning Guide, otherwise you can also browser the relational database Howto's


To create a Oracle connection, you have the following possibilities

In a Connection Vault, to define a Oracle connection with the name myOracle, you would write:
url = jdbc\:oracle\:thin\:@[host]\:[port]/[servicename]
driver = oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
user = loginUser
password = loginPassword

The password will be encrypted the next time that you start a Tabulify product such as Tabli

With the tabli add command of the connection module, adding a Oracle connection with the name oracleConnectionName:
  • With the Windows CMD console
tabli connection add "oracleConnectionName" "jdbc:oracle:thin:@[host]:[port]/[servicename]" ^
    --user login ^
    --password password
  • With Linux Bash
tabli connection add "oracleConnectionName" "jdbc:oracle:thin:@[host]:[port]/[servicename]" \
    --user login \
    --password password


The driver version used is the 19.8.3

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