Data Resource - HTML

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The html file are supported. Tabulify will extract by default the first html table (ie tabular file data resource).

If you want the whole content, you can set the resource type to text.


Name Default Value Description
tableSelector table The Css selector to obtain the table element
headerSelector th The Css selector to obtain the headers elements
rowSelector tr The Css selector to obtain the rows
dataSelector th, td The Css selector to obtain the data cell

Because a html file is also a text file, you can also set text properties such as the character set.


The first 10 languages code with the data data head command

tabli data head
The first 10 rows of the data resource ([email protected]>wiki): 
ISO language name   639-1   639-2/T   639-2/B   639-3      Notes                                                                                                        
-----------------   -----   -------   -------   --------   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
Abkhazian           ab      abk       abk       abk        also known as Abkhaz                                                                                         
Afar                aa      aar       aar       aar                                                                                                                     
Afrikaans           af      afr       afr       afr                                                                                                                     
Akan                ak      aka       aka       aka + 2    macrolanguage, Twi is tw/twi, Fanti is fat                                                                   
Albanian            sq      sqi       alb       sqi + 4    macrolanguage, called "Albanian Phylozone" in 639-6                                                          
Amharic             am      amh       amh       amh                                                                                                                     
Arabic              ar      ara       ara       ara + 29   macrolanguage, Standard Arabic is arb                                                                        
Aragonese           an      arg       arg       arg                                                                                                                     
Armenian            hy      hye       arm       hye        ISO 639-3 code hye is for Eastern Armenian, hyw is for Western Armenian, and xcl is for Classical Armenian   
Assamese            as      asm       asm       asm

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