Data Resource - Target Data URI

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A target uri is a uri that defines one or more target resources for data transfer operations.


Reusing the name of the source in the target

The below target data uri


will define the target resource

  • located in the sqlite connection
  • and a name that is composed of

Example: if the source table name is time, the target table name would be new_time

Using a part of source name in the target

With a glob pattern, you can reference parts of the source.

Example with the below data selector


and the below target data uri

  • if the source table name were D_TIME, D_CUSTOMERS,
  • the target table names would be TIME, CUSTOMERS

File system

In a shell such as powsershell, the $ character should be quoted. (That's why we recommand bash)

tabli data copy '*/bootstrap.min.css@cd' '/boot/bootstrap.$1.min.css@cd'




  • connection is the name of a connection
  • pattern is an expression that define the name of the target. This pattern can include the captured characters from the data selector glob expression.

Glob Backreference

In the pattern, you can reference a globbing matched wildcard from a data source selector using the x syntax where x indicates the index of a glob pattern. ie

  • 0 defines the whole expression (ie the whole path)
  • 1 defines the first matched wildcard
  • 2 defines the second matched wildcard
  • and so on until 9.

You can see the value of the back reference with the tabli data list command. If you want to know the value of 1, just ask for the attribute 1

Example with tpcds where we want to capture the name of the web table but without the prefix.

tabli data list  -a name -a 1 web_*@tpcds
name          1         
-----------   -------   
web_page      page      
web_returns   returns   
web_sales     sales     
web_site      site

Attribute Reference

In the pattern, you can reference a resource attribute using the x or x syntax where x indicates the name of the attribute.


You can see all available attributes with the data info command.

tabli data info web_page@tpcds
Information about the data resource (web_page@tpcds)
attribute         value                                                                                              
---------------   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
AbsolutePath      web_page                                                                                           
Connection        tpcds                                                                                              
DataUri           web_page@tpcds                                                                                     
LogicalName       web_page                                                                                           
Md5               2d3f08a0ad007e5236ed694250e89721                                                                   
Name              web_page                                                                                           
Parent            /                                                                                                  
Path              web_page                                                                                           
Sha384            0d3fcd0bd2dc1aa6c14a6ce4a4c8acff06a6194a4f56f4730bbb371aaf490da1fe318f9f11ba44157ffd53d501e2f551   
Sha384Integrity   sha384-DT/NC9LcGqbBSmzkpMis/wamGUpPVvRzC7s3Gq9JDaH+MY+fEbpEFX/9U9UB4vVR                            
SubType           table                                                                                              
Type              table

Column Value Reference

If your step is running on record level, you can also add a column value using the x or x syntax where x indicate the column name.

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