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Data Resource - Target Data URI


A target uri is a uri that defines one or more target resources for data transfer operations.





  • connection is the name of a connection
  • pattern is an expression that define the name of the target. This pattern can include the captured characters from the data selector glob expression.

In the pattern, you can reference a globbing matched wildcard from a data source selector using the $x syntax where x indicates the index of a glob pattern. ie

  • $0 defines the whole expression (ie the source name)
  • $1 defines the first matched wildcard
  • $2 defines the second matched wildcard
  • and so on until $9.


Reusing the name of the source in the target

The below target data uri

[email protected]

will define the target resource

  • located in the sqlite connection
  • and a name that is composed of
    • the prefix new_
    • and the name of the data source ($0)

Example: if the source table name is time, the target table name would be new_time

Using a part of source name in the target

With the below data selector


and the below target data uri

[email protected]
  • if the source table name were D_TIME, D_CUSTOMERS,
  • the target table names would be TIME, CUSTOMERS

File system

  • In a shell such as powsershell, the $ character should be quoted.
tabli data copy '*/[email protected]' '/boot/[email protected]'
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