Data Resource - Json


A json file is a text file that contains one or several json object.



Tabulify supports the following JSON type:

  • json : one JSON object by file
  • jsonl: one JSON object by line (ie the Jsonl format)


The attributes of a JSON file are:

Name Description
structure document - the whole JSON document will be stored in tabular format with 1 column of the json data type
properties - the JSON file will be parsed and all first level properties will create several columns in a full tabular format
Because a json file is also a text file, it inherits all text attributes
endOfRecord For a JSON file, end of a file (EOF). It expects one JSON object by file
For a JSONL file, end of a line (EOL). It expects one JSON object by line
columnName The name of the column in the case of a document structure (Default to json)


With the JSON template, you can create a JSON file from tabular data.

How to see the first lines

By default, Tabulify treats one JSON document as one record (line), you would see the whole document.

If you want to see the first text lines of a document, you need to set the type to text.


tabli data head --type text --limit 3 books_template.json@howto
The first 3 rows of the data resource (books_template.json@howto): 
  "${group}": {    
    "${asin}": {

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