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Tabli - Module

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A module is a command that contains:


A module is called by adding its name after the tabli word.

tabli module1 module2 ...


To get help on the console for a module, just add the --help flag after the module word.


tabli data --help
Tabli data

Data operations against data resources (table, file, ...).


    tabli data <command> [-h,--help]



    compare       Perform a diff operation against two data resources

    copy          Copy a data resource

    count         Count the number of data resources

    create        Create a data resource

    delete        Delete data from a data resource

    dependency    Show the data dependencies

    drop          Drop data resources

    fill          Fill a data resource with generated data

    head          Print the first content of data resources

    info          Show the attributes of a data resource in a form fashion

    insert        Insert data into a data resource

    list          List data resources

    move          Move a data resource

    print         Print the content of data resources

    query         Test load your system with queries and fetch data resources (ie query, view, ...)

    structure     Show the data structure of data resources

    tail          Print the last content of data resources

    transfer      Transfer a data resource (insert, update, delete, upsert, merge, move, copy)

    truncate      Truncate data resources

    update        Update data from a data resource

    upsert        Merge data into a data resource


    -h,--help     Print this help
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