Tabli - Data Create command

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data create is a command of the data operations module that creates one or more data resources. (ie creates an empty data resource and its metadata)

If the target data resource is:


tabli data create --help
Tabli data create

Create a data resource(s) (table, file, ..) from:
  * the metadata of another data resource
  * a script (DDL)

If the `target uri` is:
  * not specified, if the `data selector` is:
       * a script selector, the selected resources will be executed
       * otherwise, a data resource will be created (with the `data selector` as `data uri`)
  * specified, the metadata of the selected resources will copied


    tabli data create [options|flags] <source-selector> <target-data-uri>



    <source-selector>                                       A data selectors that select one or more data resources (Example: `*--datadef.yml@connection`)

    <target-data-uri>                                       A target data Uri that defines the connection and optionally the table name. If the target is not specified, the selected data resource must be scripts and will just run.

  Data Definition Options:

    -sa,--source-attribute <attributeName=value>            Set a source data resource attribute

    -ta,--target-attribute <attributeName=value>            Set a target data resource attribute

  Selection Options:

    -wd,--with-dependencies                                 Create also the table dependencies (ie the foreign data resources will also be created).

  Global Options:

    -cf,--conf <path>                                       The path to a configuration file

    -cv,--connection-vault <path>                           The path where the connection vault is located

    -h,--help                                               Print this help

    -l,--log-level <error|warning|tip|info|fine>            Set the log level

    -ns,--not-strict                                        A minor error will not stop the process.

    -odu,--output-data-uri <outputDataUri>                  defines the output data uri for the feedback data (default: console)

    -oo,--output-operation <dataOperation>                  defines the data operations (replace, truncate) on an existing output resource before transfer.

    -oop,--output-transfer-operation <transferOperation>    defines the output transfer operation (insert, update, merge, copy). Default to `copy` for a file system and `insert` for a database.

    -pp,--passphrase <passphrase>                           A passphrase (master password) to decrypt the encrypted values

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