Tabli - Vault Encrypt Command

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vault encrypt is a tabli command of the vault module that supports the encryption of sensitive information

For the connection attributes, you may also configure which attributes should be automatically encrypted with the automatic attribute encryption feature.


tabli --passphrase hardToGuess vault encrypt secret
The encryption result
plaintext   ciphertext
---------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
secret      vaultQVE9PT5meE5YdGljNzdCVjNsNzVaN0J3cVJnPT0+dFU5T0M3ZVdtWWljMm9CODdOR2I2c00wN3BFdVg4YWVyUkJZUEprcHhlaz0+NHVRYis2S29vU1dIeTdpV3dmbFppZz09


tabli vault encrypt -h
Tabli vault encrypt

Encrypt sensitive information such as password


 1 - To encrypt the text `alice`, you would execute

    tabli vault encrypt --passphrase difficultToGuessPassPhrase! "alice"


    tabli vault encrypt <plaintext...>



    <plaintext...>                                          One or more text to encrypt

  Global Options:

    -cf,--conf <path>                                       The path to a configuration file

    -cv,--connection-vault <path>                           The path where the connection vault is located

    -h,--help                                               Print this help

    -l,--log-level <error|warning|tip|info|fine>            Set the log level

    -ns,--not-strict                                        A minor error will not stop the process.

    -odu,--output-data-uri <outputDataUri>                  defines the output data uri for the feedback data (default: console)

    -oo,--output-operation <dataOperation>                  defines the data operations (replace, truncate) on an existing output resource before transfer.

    -oop,--output-transfer-operation <transferOperation>    defines the output transfer operation (insert, update, merge, copy). Default to `copy` for a file system and `insert` for a database.

    -pp,--passphrase <passphrase>                           A passphrase (master password) to decrypt the encrypted values

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