Data Operation - Comparison (Diff)

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A compare is a data operation that will search and show difference between data resources.

The comparison may be performed:

Command and Arguments

The compare operation is supported by the data compare command

Data Selector (Source)

The data selector can choose any content resource such as:

Target Uri

  • The target uri may be not given as argument. If this is the case, the comparison will except an empty target.

Report Level

The report-level argument defines what the command will return:

  • resource - a comparison report will be created for all comparison
  • record - a comparison report will be created for each comparison and the record data comparison will be available
  • all - all type of comparison report will be created

Data Source

The data-source defines the origin of the data to compare.

  • content - the default - the data to compare will be the records
  • structure - the data to compare will be the column definitions.

Unique Columns / Driver Columns

The unique columns (driver columns) are the columns that drives the comparison process.

For instance, if you compare two resources that have an unique id column,

  • if the comparison has fetched:
    • a source record with a id value of 1
    • a target record with a id value of 2
  • the comparator will:
    • mark the source record has missing in the target
    • fetch records only from the source until it finds the record with the id 2 or above.

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