How to install and configure Bash On Windows ?

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This section helps you to get a bash based terminal up and running on your Windows computer. On linux system, there is no installation needed because bash is the default shell (located at /bin/bash/)

Tabulify recommends the use of bash as shell because it will not interpret an URL

If you want to no more about it, see this page: Why do we recommend bash ?



On Windows, luckily, if you have Git For Windows, you have already Git Bash (ie MingWin). Otherwise, we invite you to download and install it.

Git Bash Terminal

Terminal Width Size

Set the width size of you terminal to a big enough number. We recommend 9000.

When listing some configuration, you may get a lengthy output (such as a list of a path) and the output will then not render nicely.

To avoid this inconvenient, our advice is to increase the width size of your terminal.

Example with Git Bash:

  • Top-Left corner > Options > Window

Git Bash Option Window

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Why do we recommend bash ?

Tabulify recommends to use a bash based terminal because bash supports to pass simply a URL as parameter whereas Windows CMD or Powershell do not. The Windows CMD or Powershell shell see the & ampersand...

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