Tabli - Variable List Command

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The list command of the variable module lists the variable values that are:


By default, the listing shows only the internal, user, dotenv and project variables

tabli variable list
type       key                              value                                     
--------   ------------------------------   ---------------------------------------   
Internal   default.filesystem.tabulartype   csv                                       
Internal   dev.mode                         true                                      
Internal   tabulify.home.path               D:\code\bytle-mono                        
Internal   user.connectionvault             C:\Users\gerardnico\conf\connection.ini   
Internal   user.vars                        C:\Users\gerardnico\conf\variables.yml


tabli variable list -h
Tabli variable list

List the configurations

Tip:To have a nice output because a value may be very lengthy, you should set the width of your terminal to a big number (such as 10000)


 1 - List all `tabli` configurations

    tabli variable list *

 2 - List all Home configurations

    tabli variable list  *home*

 3 - List all OS Environment variables

    tabli variable list --type OS

 4 - List all Java configurations

    tabli variable list  *java*


    tabli variable list [options|flags] <name-selector...>



    <name-selector...>                                      One or more glob selector(s) that will filter the output by the key name


    -t,--type <mediaType|mimeType|extensionFile>            The type of the configurations to return ('all, cli, dotenv, internal, os, project, sys, user' or `all`)

  Global Options:

    -cv,--connection-vault <path>                           The path where a connection vault is located

    -h,--help                                               Print this help

    -l,--log-level <error|warning|tip|info|fine>            Set the log level

    -odu,--output-data-uri <outputDataUri>                  defines the output data uri for the feedback data (default: console)

    -oo,--output-operation <dataOperation>                  defines the data operations (replace, truncate) on an existing output resource before transfer.

    -oop,--output-transfer-operation <transferOperation>    defines the output transfer operation (insert, update, merge, copy). Default to `copy` for a file system and `insert` for a database.

    -pp,--passphrase <passphrase>                           A passphrase (master password) to decrypt the encrypted values

    -pf,--project-file <path>                               A file system path to a project file

    -vf,--vars <path>                                       The path to a variables file

    -v,--version                                            Print version information

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