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-====== Connection - URL attribute ====== 
-===== URL ===== 
-''URL'' is a mandatory [[attribute|attribute]] of a [[connection|connection]] and is also known as the ''connection string'' 
-It's a string that defines the most important connection properties such as: 
-  * the ''scheme'': the technology used to connect 
-  * the ''host'': the host where the system is located 
-  * the ''port'': the port where the system is reachable on the host 
-  * the ''database'': the database name 
-The ''URL'' is system dependent and therefore should be looked in the [[system:system|documentation page of each system]]. 
-This is the property that defines the [[system:system|system]] 
-===== Example ===== 
-Example of URL with with the [[tabli:connection:list|tabli connection list]] command where you can see the [[howtos|howtos]] connection. 
-<code dos> 
-tabli connection list 
-Name            Url                                                                        
--------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------    
-cd              file:///C:/Users/gerardnico/                                               
-entity          file:///D:/code/bytle-mono/db-gen-entities/src/main/resources/entity/      
-howto           file:///D:/code/bytle-mono/db-website/src/doc/howto/                       
-memory          mem                                                                        
-mysql           jdbc:mysql://[host]:[port]/[database]                                      
-oracle          jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe                                        
-postgres        jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgres                                  
-sqlite          jdbc:sqlite:///C:/Users/gerardnico/AppData/Local/tabli/sqlite.db           
-sqlite_target   jdbc:sqlite:///C:/Users/gerardnico/AppData/Local/tabli/sqlite_target.db    
-sqlserver       jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=AdventureWorks;                    
-temp            file:///C:/Users/GERARD~1/AppData/Local/Temp/                              
-tpcds           tpcds                                                                      
-tpcds_query     file:///D:/code/bytle-mono/db-jdbc/src/main/sql/tpcds/ 
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